Garage Door Repair St. Petersburg
Garage Door Repair St. Petersburg
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High quality service provided by knowledgeable and skilled technicians, from garage door repair and installation to maintenance and replacement.

Replace a garage door with corroded metal parts and damaged panels

The repair of such a door will be too costly. At the same time, its useful life may not be extended much. In this case, replacement will be the more efficient and more cost-efficient option. Pick a new garage door with two or three layers and proper insulation. It must have strong and durable metal parts.

Be mindful of the electricity-driven nature of your door opener

Remote-controlled or automatic garage door openers run on electricity so it is important to be careful not to expose them to moisture or water leaks. When doing garage door maintenance, our experts suggest doing a thorough inspection of possible leakage or instances of condensation that can lead to short circuiting.

How to open the garage door manually if your opener doesn't work

If your garage door opener is experiencing mechanical or electronic problems and it is unable to lift the door open, then you should release the garage door opener hockey stick from the door by pulling on the release cord. After the opener is detached from the door, you are now able to lift the door up manually.

Accidents do happen

Perhaps someone has driven into your garage door. This someone may even have been you! If anything like this happens, it’s extremely important to have it inspected by professionals such as us. This is more about checking the damage that an untrained eye can’t see such as internal damage to the operating system. This could result in a dangerous and unsafe situation if your door is not working properly.

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